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Trivia Machine 2.2

Climb the trivia ladder by answering fun questions!
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If you like trivia games and to challenge your knowledge, you must try your self in Trivia machine. This game is very easy to play but very hard to conquer. Rules are simple, you have to choose from 3 windows to generate a trivia question, the 3 categories are elementary, school and genius. Questions are about sports, geography, music, history, etc. You will get a question and you must select your answer from a, b, c or d option. All you need in order to move and play is your mouse, move over your objective and press the left mouse button to select your option. You must be fast because you have limited time. You have to consider a ladder meter, if your answer is correct the ladder will rise, but if your answer is wrong the ladder will fall. To reach new levels you must complete the ladders top level before time is up. If you don´t know some question you can remove it. If you have good answers you can power up bonus like 1 extra turn, 2 extra turn, 3 extra turn, double points or triple points.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Great mind and speed challenge


  • Program runs very slow
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