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Trivia Machine 1.0

Trivia Machine is an entertaining quiz game with questions
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Trivia Machine is an entertaining quiz game with questions based on general knowledge that all members of your family will enjoy. Trivia Machine is really easy to play, and best of all, is really entertaining.
The goal of the game is to reach the highest score possible by answering the largest number of questions.
The first thing to do is select a category from one of the three windows. These categories cover several and varied thematics, like television, science, art, music, history, technology, and many others. You will see three levels of difficulty: elementary, scholar, and genious that you will choose according to your level of knowledge.
When the trivia appears, you will see four possible answers. With every correct answer, you will see that the trivia meter rises, and if it reaches the top, you will access to the following levels. Take into account that you have only 20 turns to play, and if they run out the game is over.
Apart from being easy to play and fun, Trivia Machine is educational and ideal to play with your family. It has a nice graphics, plenty of bright colors, and cool sound effects that make the game more vivid and attractive.

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  • Nice graphics


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